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Cape Fear was set up in London last year by two friends, both ex-soldiers from the British Army.

Last year a friend of ours who has his own plumbing business was owed £30,000 which was a lot for him and could have easily lost him his home. We agreed to have a go at collecting the debt for him and he welcomed the offer to pursue it and if successful he'd pay us 20%. With our combined experience of being in the Army and myself having years of experience in owning my own building company and my future business partner working in debt-recovery we knew we would be able to pursue the debt with a great chance of success.

We pursued the debt and in under a week, managed to get all the money owed to him. At that point, discovering we have a talent for this and wanted to do this full time.

Cape Fear Ltd know how distressing it can be to have someone who in most cases will make any unreasonable excuse not to pay, even when you may have bent over backwards to finish a job; only to be betrayed out of pure greed! We take great pleasure in looking after our clients and will pursue a debt in most cases indefinitely until paid!

We are willing to pursue any debts, unpaid invoices etc and will work for commission only. The average debts we take on are between £5,000 and £15,000 and have been able to successfully collect debts in most of the time, in under a month. We will be more than happy to discuss your options further, if this is something that sounds appealing to you please go to our Contact Us page or email us on info@capefear.co.uk

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